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ADMI 2018
ADMI 2018
Jun. 15, 2021

Social Media Contest Rules

ADMI 2018 is on Twitter!!

Follow ADMI on Twitter and win some great prizes!! Different criteria for each day can be found below so join in and tweet your fellow students about the sessions you are attending! Winners will be announced each day during lunch and prizes will be awarded on Saturday during the Awards Banquet.

Criteria of Each Days Giveaway

Friday (lunch) Most tweets that Day (using the hashtag)
Saturday (lunch) Capture your "Favorite Event" of the day and tweet why it was your favorite. One winner will be selected at random from the tweets we receive.
Saturday (dinner) Tweet of a picture of your favorite poster and a short note of what you liked about it or what you learned. A winner will be chosen at random from the tweets we receive.
If students have questions about the contest throughout the week, they can follow the twitter account as well as use the #ADMIUSA
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